The Profile feature allows you to create faculty and/or staff listings for your site. Listings are usually organized in alphabetical order on the page. In order to create profiles, the Profie feature must be enabled on the website. If you do not currently have the Profile feature on your site but would like to have it set up, please contact

Create Profile

To create a Profile, from the admin menu, select Content - Add content. On the Create content page click Profile.

Enter the information for the profile in the fields


Click on the Browse button to upload a photo for the profile. Images must be less than 2 MB in size.


If categories are enabled, select a Type for the profile.


The Biography field is where you will enter additional information for your profile listing - text, links, images, etc. The formatting toolbar (also known as the Editor) at the top has a variety of formatting options. See Editor Options for more information.


Click the Save button when you have completed entering the Profile content.

Edit Profile listing

There are two ways to edit a Profile listing - by Browsing or via the Content list. See the Edit a Page section on this site for more information.