Insert/Edit Table

insert tableAllows you to insert a table on the page.

Inserting a Table

Position your cursor where the table should be placed on the page.

Click the Insert/Edit Table icon on the toolbar.

insert table 

Enter the Columns and Rows for your table.

Cell Padding, Cell Spacing, Alignment, Border, Width and Height are all formatted by the theme styles, so these fields can be left as their defaults.

Click Insert to create a blank table on the page.

Insert table

An empty table will be inserted into the body field.

Empty table

Adding Content to a Table

Position your cursor in each cell to enter content into each table cell. Cursor keys can be used to move between cells within a table.

Formatting Cell Headers

To create column or row headers for the table, enter the text into these cells and select the cells with the cursor.

table with columns

Click the Table Row Properties icon in the toolbar. (You may also perform this action using the Table Cell Properties icon.)

table cell properties icon

Select Header from the Row Type (or Cell Type) drop-down and click Update.

table header properties

Table Properties

You also have additional Table Properties options. Select the cells you want to modify in your table and use the additional table formatting icons in the toolbar as desired.

table row properties Format Table Row Properties

table cell properties icon Format Table Cell Properties

insert row before Insert Row Before

insert row after Insert Row After

delete row Delete Row

insert column before Insert Column Before

insert column after Insert Column After

delete column Delete Column

split merged table cells Split Merged Table Cells

merge table cells Merge Table Cells