Video Filter

video filterAllows you to embed video on your page.

Position cursor where video should be positioned on the page. Click the Video Filter icon on the toolbar to open the Insert Video properties window.

Enter link in Video URL field. Expand the Instructions section for information on formatting video links based on source (YouTube, Vimeo, ASU Streaming Server, etc).

video url field

Set player Width and Height in appropriate fields if desired. Entering Width only will cause Height to default to correct dimension. If entering both Width and Height, be sure to use proportional dimensions.

width field, height field

Set Align left, right or center if desired. The player will default to align left if Align menu is set to None.

align drop-down

Check Autoplay box if you would like video to play when the page loads. It is recommended to leave autoplay disabled, to allow users to control video playback.

autoplay setting

Click the Insert button to insert the formatted video link into the body field.

Click Save to see the video displayed on the page.