Image Gallery

The Image Gallery feature allows you to display galleries of images on your site. Galleries are linked as thumbnails from the Image Galleries page. In order to create an image gallery, the Image Gallery feature must be enabled on the website. If you do not currently have the Image Gallery feature on your site but would like to have it set up, please contact

View a sample of the Image Gallery feature.

Create an Image Gallery

To create an Image Gallery, from the admin menu, select Content - Add content - Image Gallery.


Enter a Title for your Image Gallery.

Title field

Add Images

The Images field allows you to upload images for your Image Gallery. Click the Browse button under Attach media. You can either upload new file or choose an image from the media module library. Maximum file size is set by default to 6 MB. Allowed file types include jpg, jpeg, gif, and png.

You can also add images, using the Photo content type on the Add content page.

Add New Image

To upload a new file, click Choose File button to browse to your image and double-click to select it. Click the Upload button to upload the file. Click Next once the upload is complete. Enter a description of the image in the Alt Text field. If you would like a description of the image to be displayed in the gallery, enter that text into the Title Text field. Click Save.

Add Image from Library

To select an image already in the library, click on the Library tab in the top right corner. Click on an image to select it, then click Submit.

Use the drag-and-drop handle to reorder the images.

Click the Save button to save the Image Gallery.

Menu settings

Since the Image Gallery is part of a feature and the post will automatically be added to the Image Gallery page, there is no need to assign a Menu link title to the Image Gallery.

For information on Revision informationAuthoring information, and Publishing options, see their respective instruction pages on this website.