Create a Webform

To create a Webform, from the admin menu, select Content - Add content. On the Add content page, click Webform to start adding your new form to the website.


Enter the Title for the Webform.

Title field

Menu Settings

In the Menu settings, check the Provide a menu link option. The Page Title will be displayed In the Menu link title field, or you may enter the text you want to appear on the menu button for your page.  

Other Settings

For information on Revision informationAuthoring information, and Publishing options, see their respective instruction pages on this website.


Click the Save button when you have completed adding the Webform and are ready to begin configuring the form components, email, and submission settings.

NOTE: Private data or data that should be collected securely should NOT be requested on a webform (i.e. social security number, credit card number, banner ID, etc.).