Form Components

To add or edit form components, click the Webform tab; the form components tab appears by default.

Form components


To begin adding the first form component, enter the field or component name in the Label text field. 

form component label


Select the type of field from the Type drop-down. See Form Component Types for a description of each type of form component.

Form component type


This column will display any default values set for form components.


required textfield box

NOTE: Required checkbox will not display until you have created and saved the first component.

Check the Required box, if this field should be required for form submission. If the field is mandatory, the form cannot be submitted unless the field is filled out or selected by the user.

Click the Add button under Operations to add and configure the new field.

Add button

Edit component

Complete the component settings on the Edit component page. See Form Component Types for details on how to configure these settings for each type of form component.

edit button

Save component

Click the Save component button to save the new form field.

Repeat these steps until all the desired fields have been added and configured on the form.

Form Component Sorting

Change the order of the form components by moving the drag-and-drop handle next to each form component into the preferred location. 

Clone Component

To make a copy of a form component, click the Clone link in the Operations column next to the field to be copied.

Clone button

Complete the Edit components settings for the new field, making sure to update the Field Key so that is has a unique value for this webform.

Cloning can add consistency to your work and save you time.

Delete Component

Click the Delete link in the Operations column next to the field to be deleted. Then click the Delete button to permanently delete the component. The action cannot be undone.

delete button