Form Settings

To configure the webform settings, make sure you are on the Webform tab.

Webform menu

Click the form settings tab to view the form settings configuration page.

Webform form settings menu

Submission settings

Confirmation message

Enter the message to be shown upon successful submission of the webform (same Editor Options as Body field). If the redirection location is set to Confirmation page, it will be shown on its own page; otherwise this displays as a message.

Submission settings

Redirection location

Choose where to redirect the user upon successful submission. Select from:

  • Confirmation page (default)
  • Custom URL (the Custom URL option supports Webform token replacements)
  • No redirect (reload current page)

Redirection location

Total submissions limit

Choose an option to limit the total number of allowed submissions. Select from:

  • Unlimited
  • Limit to a specified number of total submission(s)
    • ever
    • every hour
    • every day
    • every week

Total submissions

Per user submission limit

Choose an option to limit the number of submissions per user. A user is identified by their user login if logged-in, or by their IP Address and Cookie if anonymous. Select from:

  • Unlimited
  • Limit each user to a specified number of submissions
    • ever
    • every hour
    • every day
    • every week

Per user submission

Status of this form

Choose an option for the status of the form. Select between Open and Closed. Closing a form prevents any further submissions by any users.

Status of the form

Submission access

The submission access permissions affect which roles can submit this webform. It does not prevent access to the webform page. If needing to prevent access to the webform page entirely, contact the Webmaster's Office at to request this configuration. 

Roles that can submit this webform

  • Anonymous User: An anonymous user is any user of the website.
  • Authenticated User: An authenticated user is any user signed into the site, regardless of other assigned user roles. For most ASU websites, this means any user with an ASU username and password.
  • Site Admin: A site admin is a user with editing access on the website.

Unless you need to limit access to submit the webform, leave the default settings for submission access: anonymous user and authenticated user.

Submission Access

Advanced settings

Available as block

If enabled this webform will be available as a block. See Blocks for instructions on block settings.

Show complete form in teaser

Display the entire form in the teaser display of this node. 

Show "Save draft" button

Allow your users to save and finish the form later. This option is available only for authenticated users.

Automatically save as draft between pages

Automatically save partial submissions when users click the "Next or "Previous" buttons in a multi-page form.

Show the notification about previous submissions

Show the previous submissions notification that appears when users have previously submitted this form.

Submit button text

By default the submit button on this form will have the label Submit. Enter a new title here to override the default.

Advanced Settings


Click the Save configuration button to save the form settings.