Types of Content


  • Page: A page is a simple method for creating and displaying information that rarely changes, such as an "About Us" section of a website.


  • Book Page: A book page is a page of content, organized in a hierarchical order. A book page automatically displays links to adjacent pages, providing built-in navigation.
  • Panels: A panel page is a page with a custom layout, allowing for columned or stacked column layouts.
  • Webform: A webform is an online form that allows you to collect information from your website's visitors. Results can be viewed or downloaded.


  • News: A news entry adds a post to the website's News page and block for informative updates.
  • Calendar: Provides the ability to display Google Calendars.
  • Image Gallery: An image gallery entry adds a gallery of images to the website, thumbnails that are individually clickable or viewable as a slideshow.
  • YouTube Video: Provides the ability to embed YouTube video content in the pages of your site.

Photo Usage

Images from the Virtual Toolbox have all been vetted for use on university communications.

Virtual Toolbox

University Communications has a database of hundreds of photos available for download in a variety of formats. These images were taken by our university photographers, and are the property of Appalachian State University. They may be used for any official university communications.

Other Photos

Images not taken by our university photographers must be approved by your department's Communications Liaison to ensure all copyright, licensing, and release issues have been complied with.