Add Category

Click the + Add category link to set up your site-wide contact form. You can associate different recipients with each category to route e-mails to different people. 

+ Add category


Enter the title of the category to be displayed on the contact form. Example: 'website feedback' or 'general inquiries'

Category field


Enter the e-mail address(es) to receive messages for the specified category. To specify multiple recipients, separate each e-mail address with a comma.

Recipients field


Optional auto-reply. Enter the message to be sent as an auto-reply to all messages sent to the specified category addresses. Leave empty if you do not want to send the user an auto-reply message.

Auto-reply field


When listing categories, those with lighter (smaller) weights get listed before categories with heavier (larger) weights. Categories with equal weights are sorted alphabetically.

Weight drop-down


Set this to Yes if you would like this category to be selected by default.

Selected drop-down


Click the Save button when you have completed entering the category.