Text Blocks

Text blocks allow users to create block content that includes image, title, text (optional) and link. In order to create Text blocks, Text blocks, must be enabled on the website. If you do not currently have the Text blocks on your site but would like to have them set up, please contact webmaster@appstate.edu.

Create Text Block

To create Text blocks, from the admin menu, select Content - Add Block - Text block.

Block Label

Enter a Label name that will display in the admin interface.

Block Title

Enter a title for your block to be displayed in the black block title bar of the block.


Enter text content that you would like to be displayed in the Text block. This field is optional.


Enter a link for the block. When the user clicks on the text block, it will take them to the linked page.


Upload an image to be displayed in the Text block.


Click the Save block button.

Display Block

Once Text Block has been created, you may insert in Panel page, Left sidebar, etc.

See Panels - Add Block Content for how to add Text block to Panel pages.

See Blocks for information on moving or editing visibility settings for Text blocks. 

Text Blocks List

To view all Text Blocks, from the admin menu, Content - Blocks

Edit Text Block

Find the Text Block that you want to edit in the Blocks List, Content - Blocks.

Click on the edit link to the right of the Text Block you would like to edit.

Make the needed updates and click Save.