The Menus section is used to sort or change the order of the menu items that appear on a website.

In the admin menu, select Structure and then select the Menus link.

Select List links to edit the main menu of the website. An outline of all the pages of your site is displayed here.

Change the order of your menu buttons by moving the drag-and-drop handle next to each menu title into the preferred location. To make a menu link a child link of another item, move the drag-and-drop handle to the right to indent it and designate it as a child or sub-page.

If you want the menu item to not be displayed, uncheck the check box in the Enabled column.

NOTE: Disabling the menu item simply removes the menu item from view on the site - the page itself will still be publicly viewable to users who have the link. See Publishing Options or instructions on how to hide a page from public view.

For usability, menu links should be used for internal links only (links to page on your website). Users expect the menu of a site to navigate only that site - adding links to external pages on the menu can cause confusion. 

Menu screenshot